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We can assure you that over time we will become `your dentist`, to whom you can rely for taking care of your health and maintaining the achieved results.

Д-р Ивайло Петров - Дентална клиника Smile Point

Dr. Ivaylo Petrov

He graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Sofia in 2012. Dr. Ivaylo Petrov is a certified orthodontist. Platinum provider of the Invisalign system. Member of the European Orthodontic Association. EAS (European Aligner Society) member.

Works mainly in the field of:

  • treatment of orthodontic deformities with Aligners
  • prosthetic aesthetic restorations
  • indirect restorations in the frontal area – Veneers
  • direct composite restorations – Bonding

He is a member of BAES (Bulgarian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry). He has completed numerous international courses in the field of laser treatment. Founder and manager of Smile Point Dental Clinic. Personally, Dr. Petrov loves to travel. In his free time, he likes to play tennis and go skiing.

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Д-р Таня Барашка - Дентална клиника Smile Point

Dr. Tanya Barashka

She graduated as a dentist in 2012 from the Medical University of Sofia. During her education she spend three semesters at Ruprecht-Karls-Universitat Heidelberg, Germany.
Here in SmilePoint she takes care of the youngest patients of the clinic. She specializes in pediatric dentistry and early orthodontic treatment.
Д-р Ивайло Пашов - Дентална клиника Smile Point

Dr. Ivaylo Pashov

Dr. Ivaylo Pashov graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Sofia in 2015. During the same year he enrolled as a resident in oral surgery at the Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (UHHR).

In 2018 he acquired the specialty. His clinical work is entirely focused in the field of microsurgery, periodontal surgery and implantology. He attends courses to improve his skills and for self-improvement.

Dr. Pashov is a trainee of Teoxane Bulgaria for dentists. He holds lectures in surgical anatomy of the face.

Dr. Ivaylo Pashov won the “Best Young Implantologist” award in the “Multiple restorations” category at the “New Horizons” competition in 2020 and 2022.

Д-р Ваня Николоваа - Дентална клиника Smile Point

Dr. Vanya Nikolova

Dr. Nikolova graduated Dental medicine from Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany in 2018. From 2018 to 2020 she worked in dental clinics in Berlin and Potsdam, where she gained clinical experience and learned how to find an individual approach to each patient.

Currently, Dr. Nikolova is acquiring an endodontic specialization (Curriculum Endodontie) in Philipp-Pfaff-Institut Berlin, which will enable her to treat even complicated root canals.

She is also interested in esthetic restorations and periodontology. Wanting to improve herself she frequently attends postgraduate courses in these fields. She speaks 2 languages (English and German) and can liaise with patients who would speak these languages.

Jordan Mitev

Dr. Yordan Mitev

He graduated as a doctor of dental medicine in 2014. He worked for 2 years as a general dentist.
In 2016, he was accepted to specialize in Oral Surgery at the Specialized Hospital for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – Sofia, and in 2019 he successfully passed the state exam and obtained a specialty. He works actively in the field of oral surgery and implantology, attending a number of courses in these fields.
In 2021, he won the “Best Young Implantologist” competition in the category of single restorations.
In 2022, after passing the national and regional rounds, it qualified for the finals of the MegaMind World Competition, which was held in Seoul, South Korea that same year.

Dr. Vasilena Vasileva

Graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Sofia. Attends various lecture and practical courses for further development in the field of restorative dentistry and periodontology.
She is assigned the care of the health of the gums, the training in maintaining good oral hygiene and the prevention of periodontal diseases.
Тома Яков - Дентална клиника Smile Point

Toma Yakov - Intern

Specialist in Prosthetic Dentistry.
Цеци Дочевска - дентален асистент | Дентална клиника Smile Point

Ceci Dochevska

dental assistant

Поля Петрова - дентален асистент | Дентална клиника Smile Point

Polya Petrova

dental assistant

ailin kadir

Aileen Kadir

front office assistant

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